(SMS)Bump Up The Jam, Bump it Up!


Aug 9, 2020

Send automated text messages to customers that don’t feel like salesy marketing messages.


4,9 (718 reviews)

25x ROI…

99% open rate…

35% click-through-rate…

Sounds too good to be true? Well… lean back, read on and get amazed by SMS marketing!

SMSBump in a Nutshell

  • Send highly converting text messages (SMS) to your customers. Single campaigns and automations like abandoned checkout reminder.
  • Build your subscription list with mobile optimized pop-ups, embed forms and landing pages.
  • Track orders, clicks, conversion rates, budget and specific automation stats with the integrated analytics dashboard.
  • SMSBump is fully TCPA and GDPR compliant.

Communicate in the same way your customers communicate: text messaging. SMSBump makes authentic (aka. converting) communication easy!

SMSBump is the most popular SMS marketing app among Shopify store owners. 1000+ Shopify Plus store owners, 6000+ Shopify Advanced users and more than 30000 SMEs use SMSBump to fully automate their SMS marketing efforts.

Are you the next one?

Bye-Bye, Overpriced Attention 👋

Okay… so we’ve all sent messages to the wrong person… 

…and while this often ends up in awkward situations in your personal life, the result in the business world is lost marketing budget!

SMSBump’s segmentation and filter rules are here to help!

Segment specific customer groups, send campaigns based on your customers’ local timezone, restrict certain countries and even set a maximum cost per message to make sure you are not crossing your budget line 

From now on, you’ll only text the right people (at least in business!)

Turn On The SMS Marketing Autopilot

We feel you… as an entrepreneur you have to wear many hats and simply don’t have the time to focus full-time on just one marketing approach.

Even though single SMS campaigns do work, sending one campaign at a time can become time demanding. The integrated Flow Builder of SMSBump allows you to create automated SMS campaigns that will be automatically sent to your audience (even when you sleep).

Communicate Like Best Friends

Great marketing is more than just running ads. Businesses that only rely on one-way communication in marketing will lose.

In 2020, a business has to be personal. It has to communicate directly with the customer (that’s the reason why social media is such a key factor for businesses). And what’s a better way to communicate with your customers than through text messages?

SMSBump integrates with Slack (business chat tool, great free plan available) and other tools, which allow you to communicate with your customers in real-time.

Imagine how well-treated your customer will feel after such a personal way of communication. It’s like sending a text message to a good friend.

Watch Your Numbers Grow

Wanna see if your SMS marketing efforts actually pay off? No problem!

Get detailed analytical data like total revenue, subscriber count, ROI and much more. Straight from your SMSBump dashboard.

PS. Have fun watching the numbers grow!

Try SMSBump now and send highly converting SMS that don’t feel like marketing!

SMSBump "Lite" Plan & Features

30 Day Risk Free Trial
$ 19
monthly; if you decide to not cancel the trial
  • Global compliance delivery
  • Sign up credits: $0.50
  • SMS Chat
  • Use your business name
  • Sign up keywords

Companies That Trust Shopify


"Automation works smoothly, and it's really awesome to see abandoned cart recovery rate. Besides this campaigns also perform excellent"

Comfy Heated Socks

"I got this app as a way to further reach my clients and remarket to them. The honest truth is this. While not very many people register their phone number, for those who do, the ROI from this app is INSANE. there is just something about text messages that get the ball rolling fast. Love SMSBump and can't wait for the new features they have in the works"

JD Odds & Ends

"I started using smsbump summer 2018. results were insane. on a 240K a month store we were doing over 6k per month with smsbump & at the time i had no idea what i was doing. on 682K in sales we did over 10k with another store and thats without me barely knowing what im doing. smsbump is lit if you dont have it your square and you need to get it

Sun Jewel

4.9 (718 reviews)

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