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Marketing The Sweet Way: Word-of-Mouth

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Aug 9, 2020

ReferralCandy lets your customers refer their friends by incentivizing them with rewards. No coding required.


4,9 (808 reviews)

I’ll be there for you…🎶” – what was true for the 90’s Sitcom is still true in 2020: Friends help friends. This also counts for recommending great products!

ReferralCandy makes it super easy for your customers to refer their friends. All you have to do is to set up the program with a few clicks, choose a reward for every referral and let your customers do the rest for you!

ReferralCandy in a Nutshell

  • Easily reward your customers for referrals. No coding required.
  • Full control of the referral rewards. Choose cash rewards, discount codes, or a special gift - ReferralCandy handles the rest.
  • Free, best-practice template messages that get your customers to refer friends.
  • ReferralCandy runs referral programs for more than 30,000 online stores!

Let your customers spread the word for you and make more sales with word-of-mouth marketing. ReferralCandy is the easy way to make referrals happen!

There’s a gap between the people who are willing to refer friends and the ones that actually do it. 

In numbers: 83% of all customers are willing but only 29% end up referring somebody… 

and ReferralCandy is here to close that gap!

Referrals on Autopilot​​

Set automation rules when your customers receive an invitation to send referrals to friends and let ReferralCandy pay out the rewards automatically.

Lean back, track your referrals and enjoy the power of word-of-mouth!

Don’t worry, ReferralCandy’s fraud detection system automatically identifies suspicious referrals and bans these so you don’t have to pay out rewards to bots.


There’s (almost) nothing better than checking your dashboards and seeing growing numbers.

Want to get the most out of your top referrers? Help them to help you!

Learn more about them and what they say about your brand on social media straight from your ReferralCandy dashboard.

The industry benchmark of ReferralCandy compares your referral program with industry standards so you can see how your program performs.


Your referral program offers awesome rewards the world has to see? Great – tell ’em!

ReferralCandy’s integrated marketing messaging makes the promotion of your referral program as easy as a Sunday morning (with breakfast in bed).

Invite customers straight after checkout, send email blasts or use a dedicated landing page to get your existing and new customers to refer your products to their friends and families. You just have to set it up once and ReferralCandy takes it from here.

Try ReferralCandy risk free and grow your sales through word-of-mouth marketing!

Referral Candy "Basic" Plan & Features

30 Day Risk Free Trial
$ 49 monthly + commission; if you decide to not cancel the trial
  • Unlimited customers
  • Best-Practice Template Messages
  • Dashboard & data reports
  • 24/7 Live Chat support
  • Automatic Fraud protection
  • Seamless Shopify integration

Companies That Trust Referral Candy


"It’s so easy to use. It’s the least labor intensive marketing task that we have. It runs itself. For virtually no labor, I get so many sales."

Nathan Smeltzer, Owner, Powder City

"We have a few power users of our referral program, who have driven us a ton of referrals, and they’ve made a ton of money with it."

Nathan Kleiner, CEO, Critical Pass

"Our referral program with Referral Candy is an integral part of our marketing portfolio and is responsible for 20-35% of our sales each month."

Emma Kruger, CEO, Riff Raff & Co

4,9 (808 reviews)

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Aug 9, 2020

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