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Sell More With Professional Messenger Marketing

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Jul 18, 2020

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Unless you’re an Influencer, chances are very high that you always read your messages on social media. Same is true for your customers.

Before you go and try to manually send messages to every Facebook user, let me show you a better way: Recart.

Recart is the #1 Facebook messenger app for Shopify that allows you to send fully automated and single broadcast marketing messages to your customers!

Recart in a Nutshell

  • Recart generated more than $120,000,000 in extra revenue for their users with broadcasts and automated Facebook messages.
  • Unlike emails, on Facebook your marketing messages won't end up in your customer's spam folder.
  • Grow your subscription list with top-notch integrations like Privy and Loox.
  • Win back lost revenue with abandoned cart reminder messages.

Marketing is actually pretty simple (not easy): find out who your customers are and where they hang out. That’s it. Once you know it, it will be a no brainer to sell them your products.

With Recart you already covered the “where they hang out”-part like an old marketing pro. Everyone is on Facebook (even the ninja moms). 

Chances are extremely high that your customers’ Facebook account is older than your business. They use Facebook every single day to communicate with their friends.

With Recart you can let your business become a part of that (very fruitful) communication.

Grow your Subscriber List

You sell cosmetics? – “are your products cruelty free?

You sell bags? – “is this genuine leather?”

Whatever it is that your customer would love to find out about your business, the customer chat is the easy entry point for every conversation. 

Now that all the questions that might have come up are answered, it’s time to lead your visitor into the sales AND subscription funnel… the sticky discount box is the best way to incentivize people to subscribe (and hopefully to make a sale) by offering a discount code in return for a subscription. Easy, right? Yes (at least with Recart).


Last, but not least, you’ll also get a tool that’s specifically designed for the people who still haven’t subscribed to your messenger list (yet) even though they purchased. With just one click your customers subscribe to getting order updates and more.

Whatever the stage of the subscription funnel your store visitor might be, Recart comes with a tool that will turn them into a subscriber!

From Abandoned Checkout to ...

How’d you like this:

  • 1. Win back lost revenue with an awesome abandoned cart reminder message...
  • 2. Get that customer to leave a photo review telling the world how awesome your brand is...
  • 3. Send marketing messages to people who'd love to hear from you without spending any money...

I know, sounds crazy good!

Lucky you – it’s possible! 

Recart sends automated abandoned cart checkout reminder to everyone who forgot to checkout – but not via email. This time, your customers receive the reminder in their Facebook messenger app.

Once your customer received his order, the free Loox integration of Recart sends automated photo review requests in return for some rewards (like discounts on the next order, gift cards or anything else). 

But that’s not all! From now on, your customer is a subscribed member of your messenger list and you’ll be able to send marketing messages to one of the highest converting marketing platforms EVER… (without spending any dollar on ads). 

How cool is that!? …exactly! Ninja-cool!

Try Recart now and start to sell more with professional messenger marketing!

Recart "Small Business" Plan & Features

28 Day Risk Free Trial
$ 29 monthly; if you decide to not cancel the trial
  • Messenger Subscription Tools
  • Unlimited Visitors & Messages
  • Customer Journey on Messenger
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Receipts & Shipping Notifications
  • Product Reviews

Companies That Trust Recart


"Love the app. Customer support is super helpful as well! Definitely recommend the app to anyone looking for a solution to recover abandoned carts."


"I have been used the app more than 6 month. That's very good messenger marketing. Super support can help you any issues in the app. Recommended!"

Viva Albatross

"October 30, 2019 Messenger is a great way to communicate with your customers. And Recart is amazing at getting people to subscribe via Messenger. I have another app for email, but I found Messenger working better for me. It generated a lot of money during the free trial! Must have app. I wish they built more apps."

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