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Aug 9, 2020

Add automated push notifications to your marketing portfolio and reach customers you would’ve lost otherwise!


5,0 (2028 reviews)

Marketers are like guys… they all only want one thing…

…attention. Customer’s attention!

The more ways you have to market your products, the more likely you are to reach your ideal customers.

We all spend money on Facebook ads, do influencer marketing, optimize our stores for search engines and send marketing emails. Now is the time for something new: push notifications that appear on your customer’s desktops and phone lock screens.

PushOwl in a Nutshell

  • Send automated push notifications to win back lost revenue with customizable abandoned cart reminders.
  • Having big goals? PushOwl is built to scale. Enterprise user get a dedicated account manager.
  • Notify your customers about price drops, shipping status, and back in stock messages with push notifications.
  • Connect with top rated Shopify apps like Loox to request photo reviews via push notifications.

Sending marketing push notifications to desktop and mobile devices just reached a new level of ease!

Unhappy with your email marketing results? …or just want to add one more marketing channel? In any way, push notifications are definitely one of the most promising methods to convert strangers into paying customers. That’s for sure.

PushOwl sends push notifications to your customers. Whether that’s based on certain behaviour (like abandon checkouts), automated messages (like shipping updates), or a single campaign that you created.

No Emails, No Phone #... Just One Click

Some customers are a lil’ bit more sceptical and won’t give you their emails or phone numbers straightaway. Especially if you’re a new business. Good thing that PushOwl doesn’t ask your customers to enter any data but still sends messages that actually convert. Sneaky little owl…

The only thing your customers have to do is to make one click and allow notifications. Literally a no-brainer.

Automated Abandoned Cart Reminder

Abandoned checkouts are real money that’s gone… almost…

According to Baymard Institute, shoppers abandon their carts 69% of the time. In crystal clear words: If your online store makes $1,000 of sales every week, you are losing over $2,300 in abandoned carts!

Some people just deal with lost money and others (aka. the smart ones), find solutions that helps them get the lost money back. PushOwl automatically sends fully customizable abandoned checkout reminders with push notifications to not let your customers forget that their favourite products are still in their carts.

So how do you deal with abandoned checkouts? Just let the sales fly away or do something about it and get that lost money back?

Dominate Desktop & Mobile Notifications

Did you ever get a notification from Facebook saying there’s an ad you should check out? No. This kind of marketing does not exist. With PushOwl, however, your customers get exactly this!

On both desktops and mobile devices, your customers get push notifications about your offers. That, my dear friend, is called underpriced attention. 

On your customer’s desktop the notifications even appear when the browser is closed and on mobile devices your customers get a push notification straight to the lock screen. With a few clicks they go from “Wow! That’s a great offer!” to checkout. Not bad…

Try PushOwl now and start sending converting messages today!

PushOwl "Basic" Plan & Features

60-day Money Back Guarantee
$ 19 monthly; if you decide to continue the service
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Push Notification Scheduling
  • Welcome notifications
  • Back-in-stock Automation
  • Price Drop Automation
  • Conversion tracking
  • Reports (impressions, clicks, revenue)
  • Abandoned Cart Reminders
  • Hero Images
  • Shipping Notifications
  • Subscriber Details (sync with Shopify)

Companies That Trust PushOwl


"Running a Shopify Plus Store requires high performing apps that work well with everything you already have going on your site. PushOwl is a perfect example of this. A great way to add a new marketing channel to any e-commerce store that shows results quick. Not to mention one of the best customer support teams we've ever encountered with any third party app. Great app all around!"

Fit & Fresh (Owner)

"Really good app! Installs quickly and easily plus the support is very responsive and always willing to help. Not to mention that the notifications themselves are an excellent way to reach your visitors; Higher click rates compared to our email campaigns. Keep up the good work guys!

UKMCPro (Owner)

"I have been using PushOwl for a couple months now and it has been great! Honestly, I haven't really even started sending out my own campaigns, just building up subscribers and letting the abandoned cart notifications do their work. We have had almost an 80x ROI on that alone. You read that correct 80x!! I'm excited to start sending out some custom notifications."

Newborn Feathers (Owner)
5,0 (2028 reviews)

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