Let The Ninja Pay Your Shopify Bill

Heck, you’re one lucky bas… ic Shopify user!

Usually, Shopify’s free trial is 14 days…

The Trial Ninja pays your Shopify fee for at least 30 more days. If you refer a friend to also sign up for the Shopify Basic plan via Trial Ninja, you’ll get another 30 days.

It’s limited to 100 people, so hurry up!

How to Get The Ninja to Pay For You:

Sign up for Shopify through Trial Ninja. Click the button below:

Enter your myshopify.com store URL (+ your friend’s URL) and your email in the form below and click on “Yes, I want the Ninja to pay my Shopify fee

As soon as we receive your message, we will review it and come back to you.

Ninjas Never Forget to Cancel Trials - Ha!

Enter your email below and the trial ninja will remind you to cancel your trial 3 days before it ends.

Plus, you get free Shopify and marketing courses to get the most out of Shopify.

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