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Jul 24, 2020

Sell more with the same amount of traffic.


4,7 (1392 reviews)

Increase your average order volume by offering more products to the same customer. Without re-targeting.

Hands down, the Bold Upsell Shopify app is the most effective up- and cross-sell app among all the other Shopify apps! The average 4.7 (of 5) star rating on the Shopify app store says it all.

Bold Upsell in a Nutshell

  • Wanna have fries to your burger? (yep, that's a cross-sell). The Bold Upsell app let's you cross-sell whatever you want with just a few clicks.
  • One is never enough. Offer your customers the same product at a bigger size for a better price.
  • Increase your average order volume today. Display up to three smart rounds of up- and cross-sells in your funnel and sell more than just one product at a time.
  • Integrate Bold Upsell with other Bold products and take advantage of AI. Receive intelligent upsell recommendations to sell even more.

You won’t be surprised to find out that a business needs to make more money to grow. So let’s skip primary school and talk about an app that can (actually) help you earn more…

Bold Upsell – an app for your Shopify store – was built for one reason: to help you sell more products WITHOUT the need for more traffic. Yep, you heard right…

This app let’s you create stunning up- and cross-sell offers so you can increase your order volume and get more out of every single customer. 

Sounds too good to be true? Read on!

The More, The Better

Selling one product to a customer is cool. But what about three? Now that’s ninja-cool!

People want your products, no doubt about that. So simply offer them more of what they want. In fact, if the offer is great they’ll take it happily (did you hear that *ka-ching*?)

Use the intuitive upsell setup of Bold to create offers that even your most diligent customers can’t turn away from. It’s easy as 1-2-3!

Complementary Products = Bonus Sales

Your customers adding bags of coffee beans into their carts? Why not upsell complementary products like coffee filters. They need them anyway.

Use Bold Upsell to easily trigger a pop-up window that offers additional products to your customers that they might have forget to buy. Easy for them, easy for you. 

Track Your Numbers and be in Control

Having an eye on your growing numbers is not just for personal pleasure, but also important to understand what kind of offers work well. This will help you to continuously improve your upsell offers and funnels and make even more sales.

The Bold Upsell dashboard gives you all the numbers you need. Without the hassle of trying to figure out which one of your Google Analytics metrics will help you.

Try Bold Upsell now and start making more sales!

Bold Upsell "Starter" Plan & Features

14 Day Risk Free Trial
$ 9
monthly; if you decide to not cancel the trial
  • 200 upsell views per month
  • Unlimited offers
  • Upsell & cross-sell
  • Reports
  • Design & language customization

Companies That Trust Bold Upsell


"I love this app. I am currently on a trial period of 14 days & still have 5 days left and It has already made $99.95 worth of sales. It is self paying app. Highly recommended. 5 STARS for customer service excellency"

Infinity Gift Store

"Fantastic and easy to use APP - gets better all the time. We have used this app to improve our AOV and works even with other discount promotions we have going on. It is great to get a 50% off sale PLUS an Upsell product purchased. Support is always at hand to help and quick to resolve on Chat. Thanks to Uri for helping verify our code and get us going."


"Just started using it and wanted to make some customisations. They were very helpful and fast at responding, had it up and running in a few hrs. Reccommend"

Oz Weight Loss

4,7 (1392 reviews)

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